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Registration, protection and enforcement

Protection and registration of important data, copyrights, patents.

The intellectual property of every sovereign and intellectually moral being deserves to be respected, preserved and protected. Whether it is patents of any kind, inventions, brand names, securities, names, wills, testaments or similar documents and records worthy of protection. Thus, it is our task to become active here and to assist people with our services. Registered property of a material and intellectual nature is protected from unauthorized access by being entered in our register under a uniquely assigned number, and is subject to our organizational and fiduciary rights of the Zin-Uru Zal LLC.

Patent application

Patent registration

Patent protection to secure intellectual property with no hidden in or out. What is registered with Zin-Uru Zal LLC remains registered and protected in the registrant's mind.

Name registration

Registration of names or trademarks to protect inalienable rights and to protect against unauthorized abuse or use under hidden contracts by second or third parties.

Zin-Uru Zal Registration

Document registration

Important documents such as deeds, letters of credit, securities, wills or declarations of intent can be stored securely and protected against unauthorised access by registration.

experience The Savety of Freedom

"Great to finally have legal certainty regarding my documents. Thanks for the great work to the team at Zin-Uru Zal."
Alene Elvine
HR manager
"I wanted to protect my invention and have the brand name registered and protected. You've been very helpful. Thank you Zin-Uru Zal!"
Jonas Gerber

Zin-Uru Zal LLC - your partner for data registration.


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