Self-determination in harmony with AllM

About us - the association Amagi

Our objective is to work in a non-profit way in the areas of self-determination in harmony with everything. This therefore concerns many different areas in human life.

The spiritually moral and living being of reason, in the vernacular. man-made, his bodily, social, spiritual and mental wholeness with his inalienable and due rights, is the focus of the association and is in its totality and originality indispensable for all life on earth. Fs free and harmonious development of society in a spirit of self-determination. and dem free and peacefuln Living together it is important that this very thing is preserved.

Its Striving and working for the connection in nature should be be supported and protected. The aim is to the Reconnection of all Living creature to the earthin order to protect one's own Self-determination in accordance with natural law. However, this can only be made possible if human beings are allowed to develop freely and their inalienable rights are not curtailed or violated.

These Interests and freedom should through various Projects in our association Amagi preserved, developed, promoted and accompanied. Impairments due to stressful influences of modern civilization or the social constructs bound to them, are to be excluded, neutralized and regenerated as far as possible.


Über uns - Amagi Verein


The goal is to promote the reconnection of all living beings to the earth in order to realize their own self-determination in accordance with natural law.

About us - our members

Since we in our association Amagi - self-determination in harmony with everything, with passion stand up for the inalienable rights, Your freedom and values of people, all are welcome who are also burning to make the world a better place for the benefit of all. Members can therefore become all natural persons and people who have the proof of the own natural person have provided.


Dhe realization of the importance of the interrelation of all things from their origin and the Intergenerational assistance of any kind should be in a number of ways developed and implemented, knowledge preserved and promoted and den people are made available. So that people can develop freely and grow mentally and spiritually from it. The possibilities, methods, technologies and concepts for this are researched and examined in the sense of the association's purpose, and the ability to implement them is demonstrated by means of example projects. The resulting knowledge is passed on to others through information and teaching activities, for the benefit of all.

Generally speaking all living things in focus, as everything around us is interconnected in a wonderful balance. Thus, we are passionately committed to promoting and restoring balance for all people and the nature that surrounds them.

One's own esteem, the esteem of every living being, the consistent pursuit of the very highest moral values in harmony with creation of all kinds and nature. in harmony, are the Maximes of our Association Amagi - Self-determination at Harmony with All.

They are the basis for our Implementation and realization of the idealistic goals and the development of new concepts and experiences so that all may benefit.

In addition to research into the social coexistence of living beings, animals, nature and intergenerational assistance of all kinds, the association also provides for the dissemination of knowledge, opportunities for applications, availability, implementation and utilization, especially in the areas mentioned.

A cross-cultural exchange should lead to a mutual fertilization with ideas for concepts while at the same time appreciating individual imprints. In projects, project accompaniment and/or cooperations should been people to organise the experience and living together also close to nature and skin.

For this purpose, cooperation can be established with existing clubs, organizations and associations that have similar objectives and/or whose activities complement the objectives of the association. Likewise, the idealistic means can be raised by planning, organizing and carrying out events to promote the purpose of the association (courses, lectures, seminars, Coursesnature experience days, presentations of products and services) can be achieved. Also the cooperation with educational institutions of all kinds, serves the implementation of the purpose of the association.

"Everything that one person can imagine today, other people will realize one day."

Jules Verne

Insofar as justified interests and/or the inalienable rights of [people] are infringed, restricted or not recognised by third parties, sets the association for the Enforcement of these rights and claims through. We stand up for human rights and are against discrimination of people or ethnic groups. Our members in our association Amagi declare their willingness to do so by signing the Manifesto of Faith accept.

This also includes the promotion of projects, the prevention of unacceptable measures which may be applied against natural rights in order to restrict, curtail or diminish the inalienable rights of man. This can also include dhe cooperation with external consultants and specialists, provided that they can be engaged on a voluntary basis or sufficient funds can be acquired to finance them, be engaged by us.

An integration into the Work in the association and a use of acquired knowledge and skills should be made possible and continuously expanded for all interested parties, whereby an acceptance as a member or supporting member in the association Amagi is the goal. All natural persons and people who have provided proof of their own natural person can become members. This is achieved through cooperation with the Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Trust Association makes possible.

The areas of the association's work can be promoted through broadcasts, public relations, media, networking, cooperation with institutional sponsors, governmental and non-governmental institutions and the like.


"No man is free who is not master of himself."

Matthias Claudius