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Zu den hervorstechendsten Leistungen unserers Vereins, zählen die Organisation zur Registrierung von Namen, Patenten und generell mit dem Urheberrecht zu schützenden Dingen, mit unseren Partnern und die Vermittlung zum freien und unabhängigen Schiedsgericht Freies Schiedsgericht Kininigen.

Als absolut unabhängige Institution stehen wir mit diesen Leistungen weltweit einzigartig, im Dienste der Erde und der darauf lebender Wesen, zum Wohle Aller.

To fully secure and protect rights of our members and sovereigns. This ensures that no unauthorized access to the intellectual and material property and right is guaranteed, contrary to the ordinary registration through the traditional channels, such as the patent office or the birth certificate through the registration of the newborn.

The ownership and copyright remains completely with the applicant, in this way the security is made without loopholes that can be used from the outside. Thus, the registration of your names, patents or the like worthy of protection is completely safely covered, because only the owner and creator of it is noted as the owner in the registration.

The neutral, independent arbitral tribunal committed to the very highest moral and character values and principles, to the Supreme Source of All and its sacred cosmic laws, is also among the achievements mentioned.

This Court, in free imitation of the New York Convention on Arbitration, was established to provide a free jurisdiction, without entanglements with other organizations, for all living rational beings [popularly known as human beings]. The objective is to protect the inalienable rights to which you are entitled.

This happens on request and without long complications and procedures or representation obligation. Thus it is a free court, an arbitration court which stands in the service of all spiritual, moral, living beings [human beings] and does not serve the pursuit of economic purposes.

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In unserer Vereinsordnung wurde festgehalten, das zur Wahrung und Sicherstellung der künftigen Vereinstätigkeit oder Beachtung der satzungsbestimmten Ziele und Zwecke die Mitglieder die Wahl des Namensrechts in Anspruch nehmen können, welches mit den Leistungen des Schutzes durch die Registrierung des Namens durch Zusammenarbeit von hochrangigen Experten gewahrt wird und einen Kernpunkt bei den Leistungen des Amagi Association represents. In particular, the risk caused by the Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Trust Association The name attested to is to be classified as particularly worthy of protection and may therefore only be used by the name bearer. Infringements and or unauthorized access and use are subject to the order of the Decided Terms of Contract in accordance with

"Justice is giving to each his own, not presuming on others... ...and puts aside self-interest when it is necessary to preserve the good of the whole."

Ambrose of Milan

Free and independent

Court of Arbitration Kininigen

On Day 1874819, the opening and convening of a free and independent arbitral tribunal for the purpose of arbitration in free imitation of the New York Convention, decided by the sovereigns. The Free Court of Arbitration Kininigen - For the preservation of inalienable rights of the living rational being, decides at all times according to the principle:

"Let the lowly follow the highest, but not the highest follow the lowly."

Thus, the arbitrators of the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court are at all times subject to the highest moral, character and ethical values and principles, always striving to dispense and arbitrate justice impartially and justly. Arbitration is therefore carried out by five to seven free individuals, in special cases even twelve, who are committed to the very highest values in their inner orientation, with the aim of impartially finding justice in the Court of Arbitration.

Judgment shall be rendered not on presumptions but on facts, to enable just arbitration and to avoid possible overreaching of the people by jurists and to ensure free and independent jurisdiction without interference or entanglement with other conflicting interests.

In order to exclude arbitrariness, vigilante justice or abuse in the administration of justice, only the very highest moral and ethical values and principles are adhered to.

The mediation of the possibility to make use of a free and independent jurisdiction and to be heard before it is one of the important services of the association. Amagi - Self-determination in harmony with everything e.V. represent

A separate, new arbitral tribunal is formed for each arbitration. This is a particularly important component of arbitration by a free court. The arbitral tribunal usually consists of five to seven sovereigns as arbitrators. It is possible for each party to select one arbitrator. This possibility of selecting the decision-makers themselves helps to increase the parties' confidence in the decision-making body. As a rule, an oral hearing is held by the arbitral tribunal, with evidence being taken if necessary.

Arbitration courts constitute a privately agreed jurisdiction. The arbitral tribunal is charged with making a legally binding and final decision to the exclusion of state jurisdiction. The arbitral judgment of the tribunal is called an award. The arbitral award is as legally binding as the judgment in a state court proceeding and can therefore be legally enforced (enforcement). Only in a few exceptional cases, e.g. serious procedural errors, can an arbitral award be set aside. The arbitral award therefore corresponds to the judgment of the last instance in state court proceedings (final judgment) - unlike in state courts, there is no appeal procedure.

In contrast to state court proceedings, the parties can jointly determine elementary conditions of their arbitration proceedings. Thus, the parties and the arbitral tribunal can flexibly structure the arbitral proceedings and respond to the individual needs of the case to be adjudicated. A party submits a written request for arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules, and the respondent may then comment on the request for arbitration in the statement of defence and may file a counterclaim. With the subsequent commencement of the proceedings, the limitation periods are generally interrupted. The parties shall be treated neutrally and equally and each party shall be granted a fair hearing. The arbitral tribunal shall determine the procedure at its discretion after hearing the parties.


The New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, NYC), or "New York Convention" for short. "New York Convention" is the most important international agreement in matters of Arbitration for private arbitration. The signatory States undertake to accept private arbitration agreements as precluding recourse to the courts and to recognise and enforce arbitral awards made in other States. It was signed on 10 June 1958 and entered into force on 7 June 1959. 

More than 160 contracting states (as of December 2020) including Austria, since 2 May 1961, Switzerland, since 1 June 1965 and Germany, since 30 June 1965 are part of this agreement.

The complete, continuously updated list of signatory states can be found here: List of signatory states



"Where there is no justice, there is no freedom, and where there is no freedom, there is no justice..."

Johann Gottfried Seume