Self-determination in harmony with AllM

Action before the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court

Participation in the lawsuit

By a full member and sovereign of Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen, a complaint was made to the inalienable rightswhich will be heard by the Kininingen Free Arbitration Court on 21 May 2021. The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court is only responsible for living, spiritually moral beings of reason and their legal circle.

As our association Amagi - Selbstbestimmung im Einklang mit Allem e.V. (Self-determination in harmony with everything) is subject to the highest moral values and is obliged to listen to the many cries for help that reach us every day, we have found a way to make it possible for non-members of Amagi Kininigen to participate in the lawsuit as co-accused.

It is NOT a petition (petit - weak/small request to please be heard by those in power) and NOT a casting of one's vote, but serves to make the voice of the living one resound loud, clear and distinct in its desire and will.

Who can join the suit?

Anyone who recognizes and perceives himself as a living, spiritually moral being of reason, in the vernacular [Mensch], can participate in the lawsuit free of charge as a co-accused.

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On what grounds?

Inalienable rights are due to every living, spiritually moral being of reason. If the one who wants to act as a co-accused sees these inalienable rights violated, he can participate in the lawsuit.

The procedure

The participation in the lawsuit

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Download the form for participation in the lawsuit in the appropriate language below. Fill out and answer, the contents listed therein, including the photo and a description of his charges. Send by mail or scanned by email, to our address.

The verdict

After the judgment has been pronounced, it will be published on the website of the Amagi Association and on the website of the Kininigen Treuhandbund. It can then be sent to the email address provided. If the judgment is customized, there will be a fee for processing and mailing.

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Self-determination in harmony with AllM

Update 02.07.2021

The time for co-plaintiffs has expired, the verdict has been pronounced....

...and served on a few select stakeholders. The sovereigns also saw it as their duty to build on this and file an indictment against "The Great Reset" / Agenda 2030 and all the similar agendas and objectives. For too egregious did the living, spiritually moral reasoners feel the goals to be. Too great the breach of inalienable rights.

This judgment has also been passed and the judgments have been served on 28.06.2021 on the respective authorities.

We sincerely thank all living, spiritually moral beings of reason who had the courage to act as co-accused. The courage to have participated in making history and making the world a better place. The verdict will be sent to you at the address indicated.

action on inalienable rights

on 26.05.2021 at 13:15PM

Participate, if you, too, see your rights violated


Extract from the content of the application

Claim No. 670777 before the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court

Violation of my rightful, non-negotiable, perpetual, inalienable rightsdefined and established by the Free Sovereigns of the Ama-gi koru-É Kininige Trust.

Violation of rule number one, bodily integrity, known colloquially as bodily integrity by PCR testing, nasal rod testing. Compulsion to wear a mask, surgical mask or FFP2 mask. Restriction of free breathing, which obviously affects the health and therefore the rule number three, the right to health, by reducing the oxygen content, the rebreathing of carbon dioxide on various functions of the body. Violation of bodily integrity through the indirect compulsion to be vaccinated, as otherwise access to certain activities or services is denied. Use and analysis of the DNA obtained through the PCR test and the violation of the related property rights and power of disposal.

Violation of rule number two, freedom in the inalienable rights, by restricting self-determination, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly. Discrimination and disadvantage if the waiver of bodily integrity is not complied with. Denial of the right to be with others by imposing conditions such as quarantine and restrictions on visits and isolation of individuals in hospitals, old people's homes and similar institutions.

Violation of rule number three, suspension and revocation of inviolability of domicile by statutes. Violation of the right to protection, from coercion and assault. Violation of the inalienable right of maternity and paternity and free decision-making power over his offspring. Violation of the rights of freedom of the offspring.

Violation of rule number four, health. Acceptance of the damage to health through the use of Experimental genetically modified and gen-modifying vaccines. Which to the formaldehyde, aluminum, aborted human fetus cells, the genetically engineered components, which also affect unvaccinated persons. Use of the experimental spike protein. Release of the excreta of the vaccinated, containing these parts going contaminating out into the environment, without which the effects and consequences on the entire ecosystem and all beings living in it can be estimated even approximately.

Violation of rule number five, the right to justice, dignity, and free development, is achieved through indirect and direct coercion to vaccinate, test, or wear mouth and nose coverings. Breach of the right of equal treatment and use of punishment to compel actions contrary to the values, principles, beliefs and rights of living, spiritually moral reason. Breach of the right of disclosure of all facts and background about the action and the measures applied.

Participation in the lawsuit

  • Right to bodily integrity
  • right to liberty
  • right to health
  • right to safety
  • right to justice


  • Right to bodily integrity
  • rights to freedom
  • Right to health
  • Rights to savety
  • rights to justice

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  • A testi épséghez való jog
  • szabadsághoz való jog
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Questions about the procedure

Frequently asked questions

The inalienable rights can be read here -> click

These are non-negotiable to all living, spiritually moral beings of reason, popularly known as [man].

The participation in the lawsuit is free of charge. If, however, after the judgment has been pronounced, one wishes to have the judgment with one's data adapted to oneself, a fee will be charged for its completion and dispatch.

The association Amagi and Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen are subject to the highest moral values and principles. We act according to the principle: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Thus, any information we receive will be treated with the highest degree of honor.

This information will not be used for any purpose other than this participation in the lawsuit, nor will it be disclosed in any way to any second or third party, or to any outsider outside the Association or the Kininigen Treuhandbund. It will be considered solely as an expression of will to participate and will be used for that purpose, and all rights to all data sent to us will remain with the owner - the living, spiritually moral being of reason who sent it to us.

The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court is only competent for ordinary members who have complete proof that they have discarded foreign personhood, have committed themselves to high moral values and principles, of honour, dignity, truth, and are no longer the property of the system, and are therefore no longer in the status of serfdom.

At the Kininigen Free Court of Arbitration, living, spiritually moral beings of reason - sovereigns of Kininigen who are subject to the highest moral values and principles - decide for living, spiritually moral beings of reason. More about the court can be read here. Kininigen Free Arbitration Court.

It is decided on the basis that the Inalienable Rights are a non-negotiable and fundamental right of every living, spiritually moral being of reason. The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court is not competent for other legal circles, but exclusively for the inalienable rights of living, spiritually moral beings of reason.

Scanned by e-mail to with the subject "Participation in the lawsuit".

By mail to

Amagi e.V. P.O. Box 100 111 to 75101 Pforzheim GERMANY


The co-accused will receive the verdict by email after it has been pronounced. If the judgment is to be adapted to the own individual, fees will be charged for this effort. After receipt of the costs, the co-plaintiff will receive the corresponding copy of the judgment for his own use.

Why do you write it so strange with the person and person. I always thought I was the person or both are the same thing? - This question will probably come up with most of you. In a nutshell: We are all living, spiritually moral beings and have a person under which we operate - person means mask. It is definitely not the same thing. Persons are comparable to companies under which we perform actions. Persons have expotentially fewer rights than living, spiritually moral rational beings. Those who are under the misapprehension that they are the person, for whom the decrees and taking away of rights are legitimate, they are wrong here and they should please turn to the common law courts, which specialize in hearing "matters". Here more on the subject. Click me.

Since it depends on the conscious declaration of will of the living, spiritually moral being of reason, so page 3 - the case description can be filled in for all. Pages 1 + 4 would have to be filled in individually for everyone who wants to join the suit.

Parents can pre-fill it for their children if that is in the best interest of their offspring, or include it in their own charge.

In general, every living, spiritually moral being of reason, who wants to participate in the lawsuit as a co-plaintiff, will receive access to the judgment, without any costs, because this trial is necessary in the face of the current world situation. (We are grateful for donations that support our work in the sense and for the benefit of all [human beings]).

If, however, someone wants to have the verdict individually adapted to himself, this of course costs us printing costs, paper costs, the envelope costs money, as well as the postage - not to mention the lifetime of our members spent on it. Therefore we are forced to ask for an expense allowance as compensation for this effort. We have tried to keep this contribution to expenses as low as possible, so that as many participants as possible can benefit from it, and have therefore set the compensation for expenses at Euro 50. If you want to support our work and change the world for the better, you are welcome to donate more.

Information on important topics in order to

what we do

The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court does not act according to Roman law, which is the basis for customary courts, but according to the highest principles, values, unbiased and without links to companies, corporations or organizations.

The difference between the terms man, person, and the designation of the living, spiritually moral being of reason, for which the complaint and the participation in the complaint are intended.

The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court. Is not just another court. It is the only court, competent for living, spiritually moral beings of reason in this world. Independent, committed to the highest moral values and principles, and dedicated to the preservation of inalienable rights.

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