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Final judgment Measures Corona/Covid et al.

On 26 May 2021, at 13.15, the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court heard the application to determine the legality of the currently implemented measures in relation to Corona/Covid 19/ SARS/ COV2, which were filed by three living, spiritually moral rational beings as sovereigns of Kiningen. This charge was joined by other individuals who perceive themselves as living, spiritually moral beings of reason.


Three living, spiritually moral rational beings, as sovereigns of Kiningen, and other individuals, perceiving themselves as living, spiritually moral rational beings, as co-accused.


All those in charge of the organizations as the government of the countries and territories, the non-governmental organizations of the countries and territories, all individuals and beings responsible for the implementation of the plans of a created pandemic of genetic modification through vaccination to control all territories and beings, as well as all companies and constructs that ruthlessly pursue the goal of profit maximization at the expense and to the detriment of living beings, and all their agents and agencies for the implementation of these orders.


1. to determine whether the measures taken in relation to the disease designated as a global pandemic, known as Covid/Corona/SARS/COV2 or future pandemic diseases, violate our inalienable rights as living, spiritual, moral and rational beings.
2. to ascertain how far the statutes for persons and serfs are also valid for us, the living, spiritually moral beings of reason, and are applicable to us.
3. determination of the extent to which harmful and experimental interventions on and in the body are permissible, with the argumentation for the benefit of the general public/the collective.
4. to determine to what extent the genetic manipulation of beings and organisms of this earth are permissible, without the public knowledge of the consequences and in general.
We accuse, in the name and in the sense of all living beings, all those responsible for the operating system, of conspiracy against the beings of this Earth and of the crime against all living beings, under the formation of criminal association and preparation of a conspiracy for the realization of Agenda 2021/2030 and The Great Reset, for the installation of a new system to take over the Earth.

Der 34 pages Request to statement, has been at eleventh day of the fifth month of the year two thousand and twenty-one, and was granted seven days later, was accepted in all respects, and was admitted as a model suit.



The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court, in free adherence to the New York Agreement of June 10, 1958, composed of seven free and independent judges bound by the highest moral, character, and ethical values and principles, finds as follows, as a constituted panel, and renders the following final judgment:

All measures imposed with respect to Corona/Covid/SARS/COV2, such as tests, masks, spacing rules, exit and contact restrictions, and the like, interfere with the inalienable rights of living, spiritually moral beings of reason and are therefore wholly impermissible and must be discontinued.

According to more thorough Reviewing the documents and evidence presented, the court found that. the parties represented in 2) above, the regulations, statutes, requirements and laws issued and enforced by them with respect to the Corona/Covid/SARS/ pandemic measures.COV2 disproportionate are and the inalienable rights and dignity of living, spiritually moral beings of reason, known in common language as the [Human Rights] known, in many ways. restrictive and are hurtful. The Requirements to wear masks, mandatory testing, restrictions on freedom and movement, and vaccination, are unlawful and are in their entirety To be adjusted. Entry and access to public localities and institutions, only after fulfilment of above conditions, is completely inadmissible.

The Inalienable Rights, are those, to every living, spiritually moral being of reason, no matter what age, as the non-negotiable and immovable basis this existence givenen rightsno matter whatr status was imposed on this being from the outside or which Status dthis inne has. attacks or assaults of any kind whatsoever, upon the inalienable rights or limitations thereof, are Sync and corrections by n17t01 to hire.

Assumed, anturned and happened Measures or Injuries are to be healed, undo and return it to its previous healthy state. An Body and soul interventions made by living, spiritually moral beings of reason, are to be made good in healing, and technologies employed are complete to remove/deactivate.

The rights to the, collected through the testsn DNA/DNA/energetic signature remains unchanged and entirely with the living being from which it was taken. The DNA/DNA/energetic signature, may not be patented, exploited for commercial purposes, consumed, used, modified or manipulated at any level.

Inalienable rights and the living, spiritually moral beings of reason are anytime, completely bar none from assault and injury sProtect. The self-protection of sovereigns or the foreign protection of protected persons, is permitted and even the moral duty of rational beings.

An intervention or assault into the inalienable Rights, is only with property or things possible, but never with living, spiritually moral rational beings. Inasmuch as the living, spiritually moral being of reason, has no totally discloseden Vertrag, with all hihe got out the following consequences, by free and unmanipulated will and clear mind out signed hat and has fully consciously laid aside these inalienable rights, the inalienable rights to which they are entitled cannot be restricted. For only then, would these interventions made by 2) legitimate possible.

Dhe inalienable rights and der free will, is to be respected wholly and at all times, so long as it is not against anyone aThe offence is directed to the detriment of another, in order to violate his inalienable rights. The Unterorder or suspension of the inalienable rights, freedom, Dignity, health and of Free Will are not subject to the collective or generalnarguably below Sync and corrections by n17t01 ordnen.

Eo pretending voluntariness, by withholding knowledge or spreading lies, or manipulating the will to do something, by creating fear and/or threats, which would never have happened on true voluntariness, based on open and clear facts and the truth, is fraud and totally inadmissible.

Moral discernment, which is an indispensable part of the mhuman nature, and which to every rational being as a part of him to own also brings with it the responsibility and duty to use this capacity for discernment. This responsibility as a fundamental part of the [human]cannot be discarded or shifted. Thus, participation in or justification of injustice cannot be relativized, excused or explained by having followed instructions or orders. Who breaks inalienable rights or injustice actively or passively Supportsis partly to blame.

Judgment Measures Corona Covid

Reasons for Decision:

Every living, spiritually moral being of reason is of equal value to the other, in so far as, has no being the law, the other oneSync and corrections by n17t01or in the restriction by threat, coercion or compulsion Sync and corrections by n17t01 lead. Insofar as the spiritual moral being is equated with a person and it is claimed "that is the same", not only the inalienable rights are violated, but there is even discrimination. It Sync and corrections by n17t01 here once again in all clarity and distinctness clarifiedsinceß spiritual moral being of reason is NOT a person and also does not fulfill the characteristics of a person, regardless of whether it has a name or not and whether it is registered or not.

For the Validity and applicability of statutes, lawsn and ordinances, for spiritual moral reasoning beings, must be following criteria must be met:

a) The existence of a valid contractwhich is the participation in the legal system of the person Enables. Comprehensibility of the conclusion of the Contractual relationshipses. It is obvious that in very many cases, there are hidden annex contracts which are neither disclosed nor mentioned. In such cases, from the beginningherein does not have a contractual obligation, since by the Knowledge advantage of a party, the other one as soon as the contract is concludedss shall be severely disadvantaged. The legal maxims "Fraud destroys every transaction and all contracts", "No action arises out of fraud" and "It is fraud to conceal fraud" apply.

b) If a contract is presented, the claiming party must at the same time provide clear evidence of who is the owner, possessor and holder of the names on the contract. The holder of the name on a contract is obliged to produce an authorisation to sign contracts. If this is not done, there is no obligation.

(c) A mere presumption as to any contractual relationship is not sufficient, for the presumption is an imputation which must be proved and clearly established by the presuming party.

In a clear mind, with full awarenessssion and disclosure of all facts and in the ownership of his own name, "Pacta sunt servanda." applies.

(d) The statutes, ordinances and laws shall not apply to a sovereign which has given itself its own name and has discarded the ownership of the previous name and has demonstrably terminated all contracts.

Free will is to be respected.

Measures such as the wearing of masks, called mouth and nose covering, compulsion to take tests of any kind (PCR, spit, lollipop, nose, etc.) must be omitted. The inalienable rights of living spiritual moral rational beings are unchangeable and non-negotiable, since these according to the cosmic laws from the Highest Source of All Being

are given and belong to everyone. Inalienable rights are universal, they cannot be restricted or taken away. They are not subordinable to societies, the collective, the "community or generality" but are eternally valid and the cornerstone of the absolute existence of the living, spiritually moral being of reason [man].

Neither the violation of bodily integrity (colloquially known as bodily integrity), by PCR test, by nasal stick tests, lollipop tests or spit tests, nor the restriction of free breathing by mask constraint (mouth-nose covering), whether gauze, surgical mask, FFP2 mask, self-sewn or other is acceptable unless it is based on complete voluntariness (based on truth and presentation of all facts). Masks lead to reduction of oxygen content, rebreathing of carbon dioxide and mold disease of the lungs due to rebreathing of moist exhaled air and affect various functions and metabolism of the body.

The damage to the health of the body caused by the chemicals, foreign substances and nanotechnology contained in the masks and tests, which are inevitably absorbed and integrated into the body, is also unacceptable and completely contrary to the inalienable rights. There has also been no proven efficacy of wearing and reducing the risk of infection for mask users, regardless of age, to date. For the normal population, there is no risk of infection in either the public or private sphere that could be reduced by wearing face masks (or other measures). In addition, the physiologically determined smaller lung volume of [children] represents an increased risk potential for them and must be avoided under all circumstances.

There is also no evidence that compliance with distance regulations can reduce the risk of infection. This applies to people of all ages, including children and adolescents.

The RT-qPCR test for the detection of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is not a suitable and reliable diagnostic tool for the detection of infectious (replication-capable) SARS-CoV-2 viruses. Furthermore, the pure RT-qPCR test result is only a laboratory value which, in view of the aspect outlined under point 1.4, does not allow any statement to be made about the presence of infectious viruses and may only be used at all in conjunction with a clinical symptom diagnosis (ascertained by healthcare providers, in Germany medical doctors). Thus, for the testing of asymptomatic [people], on the basis of a nasopharyngeal swab, as it is done uncritically in masses and predominantly by non-medical employees WITHOUT (here decisive: contrary to the WHO requirement!) anamnesis and symptom collection from the tested, the RT-qPCR used is not suitable to detect an infection with SARS-CoV-2. The rapid antigen tests used for mass testing cannot provide any information about infectivity, as they can only detect protein components without any connection to an intact, replicable virus. In order to allow an estimation of the infectivity of the tested persons, the respective positive test (similar to RT-qPCR) would have to be individually compared with a cultivability of viruses from the test sample, which is impossible under the extremely variable and unverifiable test conditions. The low specificity of the tests causes a high rate of false positive results, which lead to unnecessary personnel (quarantine) and social (e.g. schools closed, "outbreak reports") consequences until they turn out to be false alarms.

Violation of bodily integrity, through direct and/or indirect pressure or coercion to vaccinate, as otherwise denying access to certain activities or services, school attendance, local and institutional care, professional practice, is not permitted under any circumstances.

Violation of freedom in the inalienable rights, through restriction of self-determination, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, free choice of place of residence, discrimination and disadvantage, coercion and threats, if the renunciation of bodily integrity by the imposed measures is not complied with, as well as the denial of coexistence through conditions such as quarantine and visiting restrictions and isolation of the beings located in hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions are completely inadmissible.

Breach and violation of the right of informational freedom and self-determination, by forcing the submission of individual DNA and DNA data into a database, the use and evaluation and storage thereof in a worldwide database with or without subsequent evaluation, use, processing, patenting in whole or in part, without the fully free and express will, after full disclosure and disclosure of all facts to the owner of such DNA/DNA, taken by the PCR test or otherwise, is the violation of the related property rights and power of disposition thereof. The complete ownership and power of disposition of one's DNA/DNA/energy signature, of all levels and types, is completely and wholly vested in the owner and proprietor.

The suspension and abrogation of the inviolability of the domicile/apartment by statutes, violation of the right to protection, from coercion and attacks on the body and property, of so-called forces of order and the requirement to institutions such as schools, kindergartens, clubs, homes, shops, gas stations, etc. to act as agents of the statutes, is inadmissible.

Violation of the inalienable right of maternity and paternity and the free decision-making power over the offspring is completely inadmissible. The right to protect the offspring from physical and mental health damage and to ensure and guarantee healthy development by mother and father are non-negotiable and an inalienable right of every living being.

Coercion of mother and father as a vicarious agent of the statutory requirements, on their own offspring by mask and test obligation, isolation from others and in the case of a "positive" test result even to isolation within the family and finally coercion to vaccinate them, because otherwise the exclusion from kindergartens, schools, universities, clubs, etc. threatens as a consequence to implement and carry out is in no case permissible.

The right to health is an inalienable right and only the possibility of damage to health, through the use of experimental, gene modified and gene altering vaccines (mRNA) or general vaccines, some of which contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde/formalin, betapropiolactones, hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromides, etc..., aborted human fetal cells, genetically engineered components, the experimental spike protein which may affect unvaccinated persons, components and technologies to affect the body of persons unknown to the general public, contained therein, is unacceptable and shall be prevented.

Messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), is a medically active substance designed to stimulate the human cell to become a disease agent itself. It is packaged in a fatty envelope that is carried (in human muscle tissue) to a cell. A medically active substance, a medical agent, but not a drug, as it meets the definition of an agent as defined by the Center for Drug Discovery and Radiological Health (CDRH). It is not a living, not a biological system, but a physical technology - appearing only in the form of a molecular package designed to stimulate the human cell to become a disease agent itself. It has been explicitly stated by the manufacturer that the mRNA strand that enters the cell does not prevent transmission, but is intended for "treatment". So it's not even a vaccine. But rather a misnomer for a toxic chemical.

The subsequent release of the components through the breath, sweat or excretions of the inoculated, pose a danger to the entire environment, the entire ecosystem of nature and all beings living in it, which cannot be remotely estimated. The use of this technology represents a huge, serious experiment in the wild, which must be stopped immediately, as it threatens the physical integrity of all beings and the entire planet.

The bodily integrity and health is an inalienable right of all living, spiritually moral rational beings and may not be suspended, restricted or curtailed for purposes of profit maximization, manipulation, use for one's own interests or community interests, interests of an economic nature.

Justice, dignity and free development is an inalienable right and is violated by indirect and direct pressure or coercion to vaccinate, test or wear mouth and nose coverings. Breach of the right of equal treatment and use of punishment to compel conduct contrary to the values, principles, beliefs and rights of living, spiritually moral reasoning is not permissible. Breach of the right to truth, disclosure of all facts and background, about the action, the consequences, the objective and the applied measures is not allowed. Threats of punishment and negative consequences for the individual, coercion, blackmail, threats to exclude from kindergartens, schools, clubs, any educational institutions, jobs, in case of non-compliance with the imposed coercive measures is completely inadmissible.

Persecution and punishment of professionals such as teachers, doctors, nurses, kindergarten teachers, etc. who are particularly responsible for the protection of the individuals entrusted to them and who act in accordance with their sense of values and moral obligations towards them, is completely inadmissible. Any exclusion from employment or termination of employment contracts on the grounds of refusal to take Corona/Covid/Sars/COV2 measures or refusal to vaccinate in general is inadmissible. Discrimination already takes place when the mental moral rational being is equated with the person and is to be deprived of inalienable, non-negotiable rights. Any discrimination, disadvantage, persecution, coercion or extortion, if someone follows his values and the moral views and principles, is not permissible. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his life, property, private life, family, home or correspondence, or to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation. Everyone is entitled to legal protection against such interference or damage.

The manipulation of free will, to an act that the individual commits by withholding truth and all facts, and which he would not have done with full disclosure of all facts, is fraud. Fear-mongering, threats of consequences for non-compliance, and so-called opinion-forming by controlling information, is fraud and inadmissible. Truth and disclosure of all facts is an inalienable right of all beings.

He who wills and does good fears neither truth nor judgment.

The objective, pursuit and fulfilment of the "The Great Reset"/Agenda 2030 and all similar aims of the organizations and beings behind them, does not correspond to the principles of the holy cosmic order and these laws, according to the Highest Source of All Being, and is to be stopped completely. A transformation and restructuring of the structures of society, of the Earth and of all living things, can only take place in the background and in secret, to the exclusion of the living, spiritually moral rational beings, as they would collectively reject the whole thing in its entirety if the agenda and objectives were fully disclosed. What needs the secret fears the truth. Thus, all of this, is to be discontinued wholly and completely.

The Free Court of Arbitration of Kininigen thus confirms the decision N° 10. of Chincha Alta, of the twenty-first of December two thousand and twenty of the Supreme Court of Chincha and Pisco Peru:

"Against the worldwide operating and acting system in the form of governments and states, through the executive violence in their service against the people in the violation and restriction of their inalienable rights and free will by the representatives of the administrations, authorities. In connection with the coercive measures of the Corona SARS COV 19-21 was the operating system of the crime against humanity under the formation of a criminal association and preparation of a conspiracy to achieve from the Agenda 2021 and the Great Reset to install a new system, accused the coronavirus was created by the criminal elites, through financial investor George Soros, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the multi-millionaire Rockefeller family who rule the world, to "manage" and "direct" through the virus in the "New World Order".

"the criminal elites that dominate the world, created pandemic Covid 19 paralyzed the activities in almost all countries of the world, and its emergence and continuation in the future no one could imagine. This event has an "unpredictable" character and is a legitimate cause that paralyzed and will continue to paralyze not only the judicial work of the courts of the world, but all economic, social, cultural activities, and until now with the already existing restrictions, including in our country. Therefore, no world government, natural and legal, nor the defense of the defendants, can claim that this pandemic, has the quality of "predictable", except its creators of the New World Order such as Bill Gate, Soros, Rockefeller, etc., who have managed and continue to manage it with extreme secrecy within their environments and world corporations, with projections to Project 2030. Thus, the Covid 19 pandemic undoubtedly presents a "special difficulty of obstruction of the investigative or criminal process.""

End excerpt Decision N° 10. of the Chincha AltaThis judgment is issued by the Free Arbitration Court of Kininigen, as that which is valid for all living, spiritually moral rational beings and the sovereigns of Kininigen.

End of judgment



This judgment was the introduction and is related to the Judgment "The Great Reset" / Agenda 2030 / 2021 and ID2020 etc., of 24 June 2021.

"As we are born without chains, so we desire to live without constraint. "

Frederick II King of Prussia